Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom

If you are aleady a fan of Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom, you know how great her page is. If you aren’t already a fan of Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom, go to the right hand column and join her. She has a great page with lots of great contests, coupons, deals, recipes, and lots more, including all the store coupon policies. I’d love to add her button, but haven’t figured out how yet..but I will add it soon.


2 comments on “Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom

  1. To add her button to your blog go to your widgets (under Appearance on the left hand column of your Dashboard) and drag and drop a “text” widget into the right hand column of your widget page. Put it in the area that says “sidebar.” Then click on the text widget to open it and paste her button code in there and click “save.” That should put her button in your sidebar. 🙂 Hope that helped.

    If there are any other buttons you want to add to the sidebar, you can post all of the buttons into the same “text” widget.

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